Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap & Acro





Classes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap & Acro are offered to ages 7 & up.

Jazz Dance is a smooth, modern Broadway style of dance. Like Jazz music, Jazz Dance relies strongly on rhythm. A major element in music theatre and motion pictures, this dance is energetic with dancers using different parts of their body, such as shoulders, pelvis and head in isolated movements. It has its foundation in ballet and therefore all jazz students are strongly encouraged to enroll in ballet class. Students will learn a variety of styles from 'Broadway' to contemporary.

Hip-Hop classes incorporate the latest 'street style' dance forms. This is the high energy, upbeat style of dance seen in many music videos. It is highly recommended that students also enroll in jazz or ballet. Hip-Hop is a cultural movement; its dance form has taken on a life of its own, derived from four elements: rapping, breakdancing, Djing and graffiti.

Tap Dancing relies almost totally on footwork. The feet become musical instruments, marking out complex rhythms with heels and toes. Tap dancing was born around the time of the mid-1800s 'Minstrel Shows'. In the 20th Century, Vaudeville, Broadway and motion pictures all helped to make Tap Dancing one of the most fun and popular dance forms. The focus here is on performance technique and includes styles from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers right up to today's Savion Glover. In Tap Dance, special shoes with metal taps are worn. The performer taps out lively rhythms and patterns with his or her heels and toes and the dancer becomes a percussive musician!

Acro combines modern, jazz and acrobatics movements. This art form improves flexibility, strength, agility and control.

The Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap & Acro programs are offered at both PSB & INTERPLAY locations (91 Rylander Blvd. and 250 Davisville Ave.