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Ballet auditions

Classical ballet focuses on teaching ballet to students from 5 years of age to adult in both the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti methods. Classes are offered to prepare students for examinations in both methods, but examinations are not mandatory. To be considered for examinations, students must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet classes of the same level per week.

Pointe & Repertoire is a central part of a ballet dancer's training and repertory. Steps from ballet technique are performed on the tips of the toes using hard toed pointe shoes. Pointe demands considerable strength and flexibility in the student's foot, as well as strength in ballet technique. Teaching staff evaluate a student's ability and strength in order to determine if a ballet student is ready for pointe work.

Teen/Adult Ballet is offered to students from 12 years to adult. This class is an introduction to basic ballet with an emphasis on terminology, body alignment, weight placement and use of the ballet barre. The focus is on the enjoyment of dance and the development of basic ballet technique, flexibility and strength. If you have no ballet experience or you are unfamiliar with ballet terminology, then Teen/Adult Ballet is for you.

Both PSB & Interplay locations (91 Rylander Blvd. and 250 Davisville Ave.) offer a full range of recreational and pre-professional ballet classes in both RAD and Cecchetti styles.