PSB & INTERPLAY offers recreational and pre-professional classes for ages 3 & up in creative ballet, RAD and Cecchetti ballet programs, improv to ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, acro, tap, lyrical, and summer dance.

What makes PSB & INTERPLAY stand out from other schools is its development of specialty programs that include intensive and enhanced programs for the more serious dancers who may wish to pursue a professional career in dance beyond high school. These programs are designed to fit the individual needs of students and allow them to progress according to their own ability.

In addition, if students want even more training, our school offers private coaching, performance opportunities with the Profile Dance Company and Competitive Division, including travel and dance abroad opportunities, and intensive summer dance. Many students are accepted at prestigious dance schools such as the National, Royal Winnipeg, Alberta, Goh, Quinte, L’ecole Superieure de Quebec, Alvin Ailey, Pennsylvania, Boston, and L’ecole Méditerranéenne de Marseille.

Among PSB & INTERPLAY’s finest qualified dance instructors, several alums have become certified to teach dance at PSB & INTERPLAY and performing arts schools.

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